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Introduction to Business Introduction to Business
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%20 İndirim
Basım Dili
: Türkçe
: 19.0 x 27.0
Sayfa Sayısı
: 550
Cilt Durumu
: Ciltsiz
: Normal Boy
1-3 iş günü temin
Liste Fiyatı
: 43,20 TL
İndirimli Fiyatı
: 34,56 TL
Kazanılan Puan
: 104 NP
: 9789758431897
Basım Yılı
: 2002
Ürünün Tanıtımı
Current and Comprehensive Textbook
Introduction To Business is designed to be a comprehensive book for first year students of schools of business in Turkey. It discusses general topics and issues in business life and uses a descriptive manner. It is current and comprehensive and  kept local within the global context.The book covers all current business related topics and issues. The new paradigms in business, new thoughts and techniques in doing business, the updated issues about the environment, functions and all other related topics are included in every chapter throughout the book.
Focus on the Local within the global context

The book includes cases, institutions and practices from Turkish business life. Almost all examples and cases are chosen from Turkish business life; the private, semi-private and public institutions which appear and operate in the Turkish business life have their places throughout the book. The readers will easily have access to information about the local and international issues and organizations of all kinds.Each chapter includes opening comments from academic and professional experts in their related field.

Understandable and easy to read
This innovative textbook is reader-friendly, appealing, understandable and easy-to-read, written in a spoken English format. The four-color format is full of more-than-enough exhibits, graphics, charts and displays.

Concise but focused
Introduction To Business is designed to be a concise companion for beginners and to be completed in a one-term course. It is lean and focused and covers almost all updated important facts of business in an adequate size and form.

Colorful, amusing but also educational
Throughout the book, readers will find some practices of business and management from the classics. Moreover, each chapter begins with commnets of academic and professional experts in that related field. An academic and a professional view on relevant topics enabls the students to get brief comments about both science and the art sides of business.

The Organization of the Book
The first part is comprised to three chapters; business in general, forming a business unit and business in global markets. These chapters discuss busines, its significant actors, its environment and global issues. The second part is nine chapters and covers the important business activities. The sequential presentation of the business activities is based on recognized management expert , Micheal Porter, and his placement of activities in his value chain analysis. The third part consists of 3 chapters covering new concerns of business and their related topics. Each chapter includes one or more “Business Life“ boxes that focus on necessary additional information about the topics, practices and institutions relevant to the chapter contents. All chapters have “Learn from the Classics“ boxes that serve the students with some business and management practices mentioned in the classics. Few “Interesting to Know“ boxes and appendixes include both practical and amusing information and examples of real business practices relevant to the chapter contents.

Supplemantary Materials
The book has an Instructor’s Manual (text and drawings) located in a disk, Transparency Masters and Power Point Presentation
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